[AlaskaRC] Fwd: Landing in New Zealand

Steven Lingle barisax at olypen.com
Mon Mar 30 07:01:10 AKDT 2015

May have been around before.

The cloud is no big deal for an IFR approach, it's the obstacles they're flying around you can't see...

Known as the land of the long white cloud, if you fly into New Zealand you could well encounter this scenario.  Hold on to your seat.  This is spectacular.  I often have wondered why the airline industry doesn't have a live video feed from the aircraft's nose streamed into the cabin in order to amuse and bedazzle their weary travelers.  This is the descent into Queenstown, New Zealand.  Notice the mountain range he is flying toward.

It must take great faith in your instruments to pilot an approach like this, but the rush must be amazing.

Cockpit view Landing through thick cloud <http://www.chonday.com/Videos/pilotnewzdalnd1>  

(Please open to Full Screen and turn on the speakers)


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