[AlaskaRC] Cleveland plans

Marty Hall mjhall at alaskarcs.com
Sat Oct 31 16:05:22 AKDT 2015

I received this email this morning from a friend whose trying to help
another divest himself of a boatload of Cleveland plans. For those of you
that don't know, for years Cleveland plans were the Gold Standard for people
that liked to buy a set of plans, a huge bag of balsa, and a quart of
Amberoid Glue, then start building. It's hard to put a value on the whole of
what he seems to be offering, some plans were more popular than other, some
had more pages, and some plans just bigger or smaller sheets of paper. I'm
not sure he wants to let them go one or two at a time, but I'll try to find
out. I'll ask if there's a list also.  Is there anyone interested in one or
all of them?





My  Tucson cohort has some Cleveland plans he would like to divest himself
of.  Are you or any of your cohorts possibly interested in them?  If nothing
else, maybe someone could contact him and try to establish a value for them.


He is Robin ... and his email address is....... 


This is what he sent me:  and talking about Cleveland Plans, I have an
almost complete set in 3/4 and 1/2 scale that I'd like to find a new home
for...don't know what they're worth, but seeing as they all are original
prints they must be of some value...any ideas?


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