[AlaskaRC] Atwood building shaking in the Jan. 24, 2016, M7.1 earthquake

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Sort of off topic for a model airplane club but this is some cool animation
of the Atwood building's response to January's earthquake




Hi All:


FYI - Mehmet Celebi (USGS structural engineer) worked with colleagues to
produce a great animation of the shaking of the Atwood building in the
recent M7.1 Iniskin earthquake in Alaska. The video is on youtube at:




And on the USGS website at:


http://gallery.usgs.gov <http://gallery.usgs.gov/>  


The Atwood building is the second tallest building in the state (20
stories), and I'm told is typical steel frame construction of this sort of
skyscraper, and it is not base isolated. A bit more information on the
building is here:




The structure has extensive strong motion instrumentation throughout the
building, so the animation is from actual data - it's not a model. The
bottom right shows the 'input' seismogram from the base of the building. You
can see the maximum displacement is roughly 30 cm, and note the exaggeration
is 300x. It takes a short bit to get through the intro and the part where
there is not much shaking from the P-wave. It's impressive to me how long
the shaking goes on. Anyway, enjoy. 


Cheers, Peter


Peter J. Haeussler
U.S. Geological Survey
4210 University Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99508
907-786-7447 office

907-862-6586 cell
pheuslr at usgs.gov <mailto:pheuslr at usgs.gov> 



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