[AlaskaRC] ARCS Air Hogs Titan Fun Fly Contest - 7 May 2016

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Wed Apr 6 08:56:05 AKDT 2016

ARCS Air Hogs Titan Fun Fly Contest

Date: 7 May 2016
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Moffit Field, Palmer

Planned Events (subject to weather & number of participants):

1. Pretty Plane

2. Number of loops in set amount of time (1 minute)

3. Spot landing (1 touchdown within 3 minute time limit)

4. Donut Drop (using 3/8" washer & streamer, 3 minute time limit)

5. Time aloft with limited motor run (30 seconds)

Here are the allowable modifications to the Air Hogs Titans:

1. The only surface area additions are for movable control surfaces 
(rudder and elevator are more than enough for control, but would also 
allow ailerons, flaps, spoilers, leading edge slats, etc. - so long 
as they are movable by the pilot in flight).

2. The same power plant/thrust system must be used for all contest 
events whether it be electric motor, glow engine, ducted fan, warp 
drive, etc. The only allowable changes between events would be amount 
of energy the pilot chooses to have onboard (capacity of battery, 
amount of glow fuel, quantity of dilithium crystals, etc.).

3. A device for dropping the washer/streamer (CF rod, dowel rod, 
extra servo, mechanism, etc.) may be removed for other events.

4. The AMA Safety Code needs to be followed.

Gary & Teri

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