[AlaskaRC] ARCS Air Hogs Titan Fun Fly Contest - 7 May 2016

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Wed Apr 6 12:21:02 AKDT 2016

The "donut" is actually a common 3/8" washer with a streamer on it - 
I showed one at the meeting last night, and will have one with me at 
the Teeland flying nights.

Our thought was just one drop per launch (one "donut" per drop - no 
"full auto" mechanisms), but if someone can get several 
launches/drops in 3 minutes, we will count the closest to the target.

Does that sound good?

Gary & Teri

At 4/6/2016 10:55 AM, you wrote:
>Can you explain the donut drop a little more? how many donuts do you 
>get to drop, can you drop one then land and reload, etc?
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>ARCS Air Hogs Titan Fun Fly Contest
>Date: 7 May 2016
>Time: 10:00 am
>Place: Moffit Field, Palmer
>Planned Events (subject to weather & number of participants):
>1. Pretty Plane
>2. Number of loops in set amount of time (1 minute)
>3. Spot landing (1 touchdown within 3 minute time limit)
>4. Donut Drop (using 3/8" washer & streamer, 3 minute time limit)
>5. Time aloft with limited motor run (30 seconds)
>Here are the allowable modifications to the Air Hogs Titans:
>1. The only surface area additions are for movable control surfaces 
>(rudder and elevator are more than enough for control, but would 
>also allow ailerons, flaps, spoilers, leading edge slats, etc. - so 
>long as they are movable by the pilot in flight).
>2. The same power plant/thrust system must be used for all contest 
>events whether it be electric motor, glow engine, ducted fan, warp 
>drive, etc. The only allowable changes between events would be 
>amount of energy the pilot chooses to have onboard (capacity of 
>battery, amount of glow fuel, quantity of dilithium crystals, etc.).
>3. A device for dropping the washer/streamer (CF rod, dowel rod, 
>extra servo, mechanism, etc.) may be removed for other events.
>4. The AMA Safety Code needs to be followed.
>Gary & Teri
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