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It’s an Air Force ailment. They want the next shinny toy and ignore the usefulness of the one they already have. I wasn’t a grunt in Viet Nam but “suffered” more than a few rocket and mortar attacks. Sleep some nights only came because Puff (AC-47), Spectra (AC-130), or Shadow (AC-119) prowled. Oddly, their mini-guns sounded strangely like the A-10’s big gun. Not the same, but you can tell their related…. 


Taken from a article about the Shadow, but could be any of them from my era, or the A-10…. 


“With the advantage of hindsight, however, it can be argued that the truest testimony of the AC-119s' worth is not measured on engine performance charts, The most obvious sign of success was when a GI on the ground, about to be overrun by VC troops, told the FAC pilot "F#@%! the F-4s - Get me a Shadow!”




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I agree retiring this amazing plane is a mistake even though it’s getting on in years.  In spite of the end of the cold war, the Russia issue is still not settled and is now heating up again – remember the original mission for these planes.  I think right now they are halfway into a wing replacement program.


Are you sure it is a done deal?  I think I heard some senators are trying to block the retirement and one airforce general said this past November that the retirement might be delayed for several years.  




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Good, real world video of the role the A-10 plays.


The pending retirement of the A-10, yet another monumental blunder from this administration.  

Subject: Watch before it is gone...


A-10 Video They Don't Want You To See <http://video.beforeitsnews.com/a-10-video-they-dont-want-you-to-see_e73768852.html> 




A-10 Video They Don't Want You To See

The Awesome A-10 Video the Air Force Doesn’t Want You to See - http://buff.ly/1NO0O02...










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