[AlaskaRC] Aug 6th IMAC, Groeschel Field

Rod Wilkinson rod.wilkinson59 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 19:02:30 AKDT 2016

The weather forecast did not look favorable at all.  Those who camped, well
OK, slept in their trailers, toy haulers or RV's, heard heavy rain during
the night sometime after midnight.
However the next morning came with wet grass and cloudy skies, but no rain
falling.  With the 10:00 pilot meeting complete, the event got under way.
Due to the inclement weather,
the turn out for pilots and spectators was small.  With two rounds in the
score sheets, the numbers were tabulated while lunch was served.
The results:

Unlimited:  Armand Marshall

Intermediate:     "Mister Ed" Cunningham
                           Bob Stephens
                           Reeves Lippincott

Even though no rain was falling, the dark color of the sky hindered
orientation of all the planes to the pilots.  However it turned out to be a
great event and a great time was had by all.
About an hour after the last event, the rain started lightly again and was
on and off the rest of the afternoon.
A thanks goes out to all who helped and pitched in where they could.  This
involved nearly everyone who showed up at the field.  The judges, Mark Ritz
and Mike Allman, who also did
his own scribe work as we were short handed. Mark gave up the chance to fly
to help with the judging. The scribe, Pat Fairbanks and of course the event
cook, Richard Fairbanks
Armand did duty on the computer to tabulate the scores.
Bob Stephens was also busy as both a pilot and camera man doing his normal
excellent job of event documentation.  I'm sure the photos will be showing
up soon.
All in all it was a great time and good event.  This marked the last IMAC
of the season.  Do not forget to plan to attend the SAM on this coming
Saturday and also the Scale Meet on
August 20th.

Rod Wilkinson
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