[AlaskaRC] FAA Declares AMA Community Based Organization

Steve Colligan steve at campcolligan.com
Thu Jul 21 10:52:41 AKDT 2016

After years of dark days, and doubt about the future of Model Aviation,
with a Congressional Directive years ago to not regulate model aviation it
has finally come full circle and light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank
you, Alaska Congressional Delegation, State Legislature and Governor
workign with AMA to help make this happen.

Becoming a CBO (Community Based Organization) allows for opperations above
400' and many other aspects that have been in question.   The state of
Alaska Legislature and Governor proclaimed AMA as a CBO in Alaska two years
ago as a proactive step, when FAA declared they could not or would not.

Now is the opportunity, to make things even better and more robust RC
community. .If you have had doubts about the value of being an AMA member
it should be clear what the payoff is and has been.

Please read article.

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