[AlaskaRC] Air Hog Titan Contest #1 this Saturday - combat is back by popular request

miner at email.com miner at email.com
Tue May 3 09:10:04 AKDT 2016

By popular request, we decided to add back in the combat as an 
optional event for this Saturday's first (of three) Air Hog Titan 
contests this summer.

You can still choose to not fly combat and there will be no penalty.

If you fly combat, the highest 5 out of 6 events will be used to 
determine score.

We will provide hot dogs (and a small grill), tortillas (we prefer 
them over fall-apart buns), and "official" hot dog condiments (bring 
you own ketchup if you must!).

Bring a side dish/chips/desert to share, and your own buns if you 
prefer them over tortillas.

Let us know if you have any questions,

Gary & Teri

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