[AlaskaRC] SAM Electric Classes - battery & prop questions

Mister Ed mr.ed at alaskan.com
Wed Apr 5 15:22:53 AKDT 2017


	At the March meeting, Don M. had a question on flying the SAM
electric classes with 2 batteries.  (One for the motor and the second
to power just the receiver and servos.)

	The answer is that the only class that allows for that is the Spirit
of SAM (SOS).  

	SOS - Motor power shall be from a single Lithium chemistry cell of no
greater than 160 mAh capacity. Cells shall retain the specifications
label of the manufacturer and shall be clearly visible in the model or
easily removed for inspection. A separate cell or battery may provide
receiver/servo power. 

	There also was a question about folding propellers.  Again, only the
SOS class can have a folding prop.  The LMR and Texaco electric
classes must have folding props restrained from folding if used.

	"Propellers may be driven directly or indirectly via a gear or belt
speed reduction drive. Protective folding propellers restrained from
folding in flight are acceptable." 

Hope this helps.

Mister Ed




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