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Fri Dec 8 06:42:16 AKST 2017

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Hi Gang,

Looks like we are good to go tomorrow the 8th.  Friday the 15th we are planning to presenting Patty the costodian with a gift.  BTW, Patty has been the best costodian in the last 4 years the I have been flying their.  We talked about just what we were going to get her.  In the past some of the gifts have been gift certificate from Fred Meyer and stuff like that.  Since Patty is a girl Jo Ann suggested we get her a $100 gift certificate from Koels.  That would be mostly girl stuff she would appreciate probably the most.  At any rate if you guys are good with that or whatever you decice, Lee has been asked to collect the donations.

Jo Ann and I both have the Flu and probably won't make it to tomorrow night session. Hope everybody has a wonderful time flying and we hope to be there next week to make the presentation to Patty.

Happy flying,


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