[AlaskaRC] Blade Vortex 250 pro

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Sat Feb 18 11:04:13 AKST 2017

Thanks everyone, it’s been sold.


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I am selling a Blade Vortex 250 pro.   Same as the immersion rc one, just the horizon version of it.  Link below.
I have only flown this one a handful of times as it was bought for a backup to the Immersion Vortex 250 I had bought first.  So this unit is used
But in really good shape.

This is setup for a Spektrum radio as it has the auto bind race ready receiver in it.  I have also upgraded the camera to a HS1177 ccd which gives you a much cleaner picture.  It will also have a replacement cable and wire set, 2 turnigy 3 cell batteries, 15 sets of green HQ props(30 cw/30ccw), and the case pictured.  You will need a Spektrum radio and fpv goggles to fly this FPV.

This sells for $500 with a case, no batts, and one set of props.

I’ll be selling it for $400.00 with all the above.

Please email me at whipper at ptialaska.net or call my cell at 230-0536.

Mike Allman
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