[AlaskaRC] For Sale: Aeroworks 39% Extra 330

Armand Marshall armand at nmitsolutions.com
Fri Jul 7 10:59:49 AKDT 2017

For Sale:  Aeroworks 39% Extra 330L

Originally built from a kit by Steve McLaughlin.  The plane has changed hands a few times over the years.  I have run out of room in my garage so will make somebody an incredible deal!

Ready to fly.

  *   DLE 170 Gas Engine
  *   5" White Rose Engineering Wheels (These are almost worth buying the plane for!)
  *   Smart-Fly Distribution Board and Ignition Cut-Off
  *   All digital HiTec servos
  *   Spectrum DSMX 8ch Rx
  *   Li-Ion Batteries
  *   Carbon Fiber 3-blade prop
  *   Couple of extra 2-bladed props

Charge the batteries, bind it to your radio, gas it up, and go fly.

It is the Red/White plane in the pictures (links below).  The graphics on the nose say DA-150 but the actual engine is a DLE-170.

Here are a few more pics and specs from another 39% Aeroworks:

If you are interested, email me at the email below.


~ Armand
armand at nmitsolutions.com<mailto:armand at nmitsolutions.com>

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