[AlaskaRC] Old Timer Kits

Dirk & Alison atdg588 at acsalaska.net
Sat May 6 15:35:01 AKDT 2017


Perhaps a little late for the upcoming old timer contest, here are 4 old timer kits that were part of the Begich School model airplane trove.  

They are not full kits, they include: plans, ribs, formers, wing tip bows and some of the stick wood and maybe some silkspan.   


If interested please contact Bob Fleckenstein at 903-1309 or at b_fleckenstein at yahoo.com <mailto:b_fleckenstein at yahoo.com> 




Diamond Demon


Plans: Consolidated


Miss Tiny


Plans: Modelcraft


Brooklyn Dodger


Plans:Air Trails


Buccaneer "48"


Plans: Berkley




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