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Subject: Flying Teeland Tonight!

Hi Gang,

We are cleared for take off in the Teeland Gym tonight begining at 6pm.  As a reminder next week the Gym will be closed for Thanksgiving.

Last week we were all treated to a couple of  fun "Ukie" flights by none other than "Dizzy Don".  Also, please welcome Jeff Muller, Jeff flew a little R/C a few decades ago and is just now getting back into the hobby.  I arranged to get the Frontier Fun Flyer's club trainer for Jeff to fly.  This was a Night Vapor and Jeff had no trouble flying it all around the Gym.  He had so much fun with it that he drove into Anchorage and bought a Night Vapor and a DX6 from Anchorage House of Hobbies.  He should be flying his new setup tonight.  If you haven't met him yet please take a minute to introduce yourself to him.  He is the old gizzer with bushy grayish beard.

See ya'll tonight!

Bill Ross
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