[AlaskaRC] Alaska State Scale Competition

Rod Wilkinson rod.wilkinson59 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 19:59:35 AKDT 2018

Just a reminder that this Saturday, July 14th is the Alaska State Scale
competition at Groeschel Field.  Pilot meeting at 10:00am and flying to
begin right afterwards.  Classes include Fun Scale, Open Scale and Sport
Scale.  If you have a model that "resembles" a full scale aircraft, bring
it out and join the fun.  If you have a photo or even a phone photo of the
full scale your model represents you got 5 points right from the start.
Open and Sport require the documentation per the AMA rules for Scale
The weather right now is calling for 40% chance of showers, but improving
as the day goes on.  A couple of days ago it was calling for a lot more
rain, so it may turn out beautiful!
Come on out and enjoy the fun and food!  Meal provided by ARCS.
Rod Wilkinson
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