[AlaskaRC] Saturday Glider Contest

Donald Myers patanddonm at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 21:50:55 AKDT 2018

Derrick, Class A electric, Class B hi-start, Class C hi-start. Bringing chips, hummus, vegan dogs, and my lovely spotter, my wife. Hope weather is as good as today; almost lost my A electric in a boomer at Moffat; my own fault – too far away and still going up.

My lovely spotter found it for me and I did get it back safely.


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Hey All,

Don Meyers and I will be running the glider contest Saturday. Pilot meeting will be at 10 am sharp so we can get the first round of gliders into the air by 1045. I am working on lunch and heat planning, so if you think you might come out, let me know and what you might be flying. It isn't required just helpful. 

I am planning on bringing kabobs to BBQ and big pot of curried rice. If your able, we could use some salads, veg, pasta, or fruit, drinks and chips. 

If you need anything or have questions let me know and hope to see everyone out there,

Derrick Pennington

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