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Thanks Steve, never new about her, but then again I’ve never flown an A/F 18.

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      PULL UP!  PULL UP!

      Folks, a little tidbit of trivia I thought you might enjoy.  For those who fly jets, a lady’s voice is what is used to remind the pilot they should be doing something or something bad is about to happen.  Why?  Primarily because most of the pilots are males and we all know men won’t listen to another man tell him what to do, but a lady’s voice…yeah!  Well, the lady that is the voice affectionately known as “Bitchin’ Betty” is about to retire from Boeing.  Her name is Leslie Shook but more widely known as “Bitchin’ Betty.”  Below is the rest of the story.

      When the aircraft wants the pilot’s attention RIGHT NOW, here is the Lady that does it:

      “Bitchin’ Betty” Says Farewell: Beloved Voice Behind Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet Retires

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