[AlaskaRC] Glider contest June 11, 2022, Groeschel Field

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Thu Jun 2 14:37:25 AKDT 2022

ARCS Glider Contest
June 11, 2022

Sailplanes and Electric Classes A, B, & C

6 classes, 3 rounds

Launch:  Hand, discus, winch, Hi Start, aero tow?, or 30 second electric motor launch

Max Time: 10 minutes truncated to the nearest full sec, rounded down.

Scoring:  1 point per second, negative 1 point per second after 10 minutes

Bonus: spot landing. Measured from the spot to nose of aircraft. A max of 100 points possible    landing bonus

Total score possible- 700 points,  600 points for max flight, 100 points for max spot landing 

Class definitions:
Class A wing span up to 1.5 meters (60”)
Class B wing span up to 2.0 meters (79”)
Class C  unlimited wing span

	note: any class A glider may enter class B or C, any Class B glider may enter Class C

Mass launch when possible (electric)
Time starts when aircraft released by hand, off tow, or motor stops.
Time stops when the aircraft first touches the ground or a grounded object.

Zero Scores: 	 1. lost part 6.5.2
		 2. inverted landing 6.5.3
		 3. electric motor over run or re-start 

Rules are based on Academy of Model Aeronautics / Competition Regulations / Radio Control Soaring

Pilots meeting will be at 10:00AM, last flight begins no later than 5:00PM
AMA membership required. AMA cards checked.
No landing fees.
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