[AlaskaRC] SAM contest Saturday, June 18, 2022

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Fri Jun 17 07:35:53 AKDT 2022

ARCS 2022 SAM Contest

On June 18th, 2022, there will be a SAM contest at Groeschel Field near Wasilla, Alaska. The contest will run from 10AM til 5PM.  It is the last event of Ganza 2022.

We will fly RC class 1/2 A, A, B, C, Electric limited motor run, Electric Texaco, and Spirit of SAM. If you have an old timer of any kind, by all means bring it out and fly.

Back by popular demand, the “Spooktacular” event will be flown. Pilots will get one chance to fly a Spook old timer which is provided. The best,(longest flight), wins.  Anyone, (with an AMA/ TRUST card), can enter. This is a fun event which was the highlight of the last SAM contest.

For the purist, the SAM Rulebook can be found at www.antiquemodeler.org <http://www.antiquemodeler.org/>. The rulebook is under the heading , “Jan 2020 Rulebook”. We follow the SAM rules but if you don’t want to study the book, we will help you get going.
SAM competition is the most relaxed competitions you will find anywhere.
You need to bring food, drink, and water. There are primitive RV and tenting spots available. There is an outhouse. No fires allowed (it is a hayfield after all). 
You will need your AMA card and a TRUST certificate if you fly. Spectators are welcome. 
Come on out and give SAM a try, gonna be fun.
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