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Donald Myers don.m.2013 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 11:19:45 AKDT 2023

Well Friends,
We had a great time at Teeland last night. While there were only four
pilots flying in the competition we had more than 15 persons in attendance.
Several of the non competitors  provided assistance encouragement and

First, recognition to all those who were of assistance for the evening:
Judging:  John Smith, John Glenn, Don Fuller, Jeff Anderson
Special Recognition to Fred Keller for helping us get into the gym, and Bob
Stephens for general assistance.

Now for the flying:

*Sport Scale*
In Sport Scale we had only one entry:  Bob Stephens flying his SE-5a from
Stevens Aero, with a customized scheme. (Bob also brought his MicroAces
plane -- an Albatrosl Both are in the photo attached.  Bob's score was
142.5.  I am certain that another flight might have improved the score as
his flight score went up from first flight to second.

*Fun Scale*
For Fun Scale, we had a family competition with the Sheltons providing us
with entertainment and surprisingly close scores. Had either the second
place or third place finishers provided a scale photo, which would have
meant a first place finish (5 points more for the photo.) The final was not
adjusted for age, or there might have been a different result, as well.
     Third place was Leon Shelton flying a Hobby Zone Champ? with a score
of 70.75
     Second place was Pearson Shelton flying an EFlite T-28 with a score of
     First place was John Shelton flying a Stevens Aero Caudron he did not
build with a score of 72.75

Thank you again to everyone -- those who flew, those who assisted and those
who came to attend, watch and visit with each other.

Don Myers
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