[AlaskaRC] Groeschel Field Improvements

Armand Marshall armand at nmitsolutions.com
Wed May 20 09:55:18 AKDT 2009

Thanks Tom.

Survey paint always comes in handy.
Also, especially since you will have youngsters in tow, remember there is no
porta-potty out there yet.  The nearest 'real' bathroom is at the general
store/restaurant right before you come to the gravel (4 miles from the
field).  So try to get your potty stops in while you can - or carry a
portable with you.

Oh yeah, that is right folks, the gravel portion of the drive is only 4
miles long.  Don't believe all the exaggerations, the whole way out is nice,
smooth, paved road except for the last 4 miles which is gravel.  And, they
just rolled and graded the gravel portion two weeks ago so even that is
pretty smooth.

~ Armand
armand at nmitsolutions.com

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> Groeschel Field Improvements
> A group of us are planning on having a little 'work party' out at 
> Groeschel Field this Saturday (May 23).


> So those of you that are interested, bring your yard tools and skills 
> (and planes) on out this Saturday.  As far as required tools, really 
> just whatever utensils you own that are suitable for pulling up small 
> roots and twigs (a steel rake wouldn't hurt either).  I plan to be 
> there by 9am but the actual 'partying' probably won't begin until 10am 
> as people show up.

I've got it on the family calendar and will probably have the van and
both girls in tow.   I could put some benches and whatnot in the van if
we need to.  The girls are enthusiastic helpers - maybe not fast, but

Is there anything I can bring out to help (besides tools)?  Survey paint?
Grass seed? (at my own expense for those wondering)



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