[AlaskaRC] Reminder: Midnight Sun Pattern @ Sat Jun 19 10am - 5pm (ARCS - Alaska Radio Control Society)

Tom Simes simestd at netexpress.com
Sat Jun 19 19:18:33 AKDT 2010

On 6/18/10 8:29 PM, Tom Simes wrote:

> Just another reminder for the pattern contest tomorrow.  Pilot's
> meeting will be at 10 AM sharp.  Please be on time and ready to fly
> shortly after the meeting.  The forecast is for scattered showers, so
> we may have some occasional rain delays.  I hope to see you out there -
> and keep your fingers crossed for the weather :)
> The contest will be a our Groeschel Field.  The GPS coordinates are
> 61.405,-150.066667 decimal, or +61° 24' 18.00", -150° 4' 0.00"
> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=61.405%2C-150.066667

Thanks to everyone who came out and flew or volunteered!  We had a great 
contest in nearly perfect weather.  We were able to get in 2 rounds, a 
relaxed lunch and another 2 routes before we called it a day.

If you stayed around in damp Anchorage, you really missed some good flying!

The new field is coming along nicely and the seed is germinating :) 
It's even attracting full size Beavers, but that's another story - and 
he didn't make weight, size or sound.  However he also didn't leave a 
mark on the new field.

The General Store Ice cream on the way home was great - Graylin and 
Riley recommend the huckelberry and orange cream.


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