[AlaskaRC] glider contest

Andrew Cunningham alaskairhog at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 19:42:21 AKDT 2011

Since the glider contest is this weekend, it's the perfect time to buy my glider to add to your fleet or to try out this style of flying!
I have a 1.5 meter (59in) Tabu for sale. 
It's a carbon/kevlar fuse and carbon d-box wing covered with oracover, and a composite tail.  2 channel elevator and rudder. 
I have it rigged up for use on a hi-start or it can be used as a hand launch.  
Comes complete ready to fly with battery, micro reciever, and micro servos. Excellent condition, has barely been flown. $200 obo
 Call Andrew at 744-2952

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