[AlaskaRC] Huge selection of RC Equip, building accessories and supplies for sale!

Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Thu Jul 14 10:29:29 AKDT 2011

Barry Jackson (lifetime ARCS member) is selling off a bunch of RC gear.
He sent this info to Mr. Tomato (Mike Mosesian):

[the contact information is at the bottom]

-2 JR PCM 10 top of the line radios
-2 Futaba 6 channel radios
-1 Airtronics Vangard

Servos & recievers:
-large box of JR and Futable servos and recievers, many are top of the line

13 engines; some so rare you've never heard of them...
-YS 140 FZ New In Box
-YS 140 Limited - New In Box (NIB)
-YS 60 FR 2 stroke, used, rear exhaust
-2 YS 45 FS 2 stroke, used
-Super Tigre G4500 with mount and muffler one hour on engine
-Erickson FE-120 MCC (Migrating Combustion Chamber) NIB broken in on the bench,
but never flown
-Fox 45 in box, used
-Fox 60 in box, 2 hours
-RCS 140 SE w/ignition, in box - maybe 2 hours on it
-OS FS 70, used
-K&B 28 NIB
-K&B 40 NIB
-Abitar 120 DOHC 4 valve 4 stroke
-lots of mufflers and pipes

2 Kits, unbuilt, ARFs:
-Hangar 9 Ultra Stick ARF
-Sig CAP 231 EX ARF

Flyable planes:
-Aspire electric sailplane
-Classic pattern plane (forgot name)

Rebuildable planes:
-Fun fly
-Sport fly
-Indoor electric

Drawers full of accessories and parts for building, battery chargers, batteries,
and on and on.

My email address is bjackson at alaska.com
My home phone is 243-3177
My Cell is 242-2045 (don't leave a voice mail, please)

Barry Jackson
Life Member, ARCS

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