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Armand Marshall Armand at nmitsolutions.com
Tue Aug 13 11:08:46 AKDT 2013

Two great deals on gassers...
The first one is Steve McLaughlin's old composite arf - fantasy scheme Extra.

If interested, email Brian Evans at brscev at msn.com<mailto:brscev at msn.com>.
Note:  Brian (and the two planes) are in Fairbanks - transportation would have to be arranged one way or the other.

See below for details.

~ Armand
armand at nmitsolutions.com<mailto:armand at nmitsolutions.com>

From: Brian Evans
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11:03 AM
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Subject: Planes for sale

Hey Guys,

     As you all have seen I have not been able to fly much for a while now. I have decided to sell my big planes and scale back until I have more time. I will keep my smaller stuff so I can still play when time allows. Sorry guys for not being around, I enjoy hanging out with you all but for now I do not have the time to. I am going to let my two big planes go pretty cheap as I hope someone will fly them and enjoy them.

My 35% Comp ARF Extra 330 I would like $1500.
It has a 3W-106 CS on it and Hitec 7950 servos with a spectrum powersafe reciever and Fromeco A-123 batteries.

My 43% PAU Edge 540 I would like $2500. The components are as follows,
3W-170-CS in cowl muffs. also have L90 canisters/headers
2ea JR 8711 digital servos on rudder, SWB rudder tray
10ea Hitec digitals (4 elev/6 Ail) HS-5955's (titanium gears)
2ea std servos throttle/choke.
Smart fly power buss and turbo reg.
9 ch Spektrum Rx w/satellite Rx's (if you use JR/Spektrum)
Fromeco Li-Ion batts, 2ea 5200, 1ea 2600
Sullivan smoke pump.
Carbon 31x12 prop
6" Carbon spinner
Air Wild wing bags
Taller TnT landing gear

Both of these are good deals I think. Both planes are ready to bind and fly. Let me know if there is any intrest and feel free to pass it along to anyone who may be interested.


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