[AlaskaRC] indoor flying

Fred Keller fkeller at mtaonline.net
Mon Feb 25 16:25:27 AKST 2013

Thanks Don

Sorry you didn't see the notice on the cancellation.  Looking forward to
seeing the jet.



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Hey Fred, 
How are you doing? Hope it is working out for you. I have a jet ready to go,
but I won't be there this week and maybe not next week--family things. Sorry
cancellation last week, didn't see email until later. My son and I were
there, the door was locked, no one else there, so we went back home. Not
like we had been driving for hours though. I am thankful for that. Hope to
see you one of these days, but seem to end up in ANC quite a bit. There now
and back again next week. Say hello to Judy. 


On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 7:38 PM, Fred Keller <fkeller at mtaonline.net> wrote:

We will be flying at Teeland this Thursday 2-21-13 starting at 6pm.



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