[AlaskaRC] Accident Report on loss of model FW-190 A-4 on July 13, 2019

John Cooley jscooley68 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 15:26:47 AKDT 2019

The following is a report on the cause of the loss of my model of a FW-190 A-4 at the Scale contest on July 13, 2019 at Groeschelle Field, Point MacKenzie, Alaska.

Model was a SkyShark kit, 1/7 scale, with an OS61engine and retracts controlled with a Futaba 7UAP programable, single model, non-computer radio.

Proximate Cause: Pilot error, inadvertent command of a snap-roll on climb out following the retraction of landing gear.

The snap roll function was programmed but inhibited by “gear down” switch. I had used this radio on a pattern airplane in the late 80’s or early 90’s and used the landing gear switch to inhibit or enable snap rolls. However, I did not reconfigure the radio to “original” when that plane was retired. I failed to check all of the settings when installing the radio in the FW-190 model, I just adjusted the first five functions for the new model. The radio was only used for this model which had not been flown recently. Therefore I was less familiar with the radio, forgot that the snap roll switch was just below the gear switch.

Lesson Learned: Check out all of the radio control functions when installing a radio in a new airplane. 

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