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Tue Jan 2 11:10:12 AKST 2024

That’s online for NEXT week!

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> On Jan 2, 2024, at 11:07, robert stephens via AlaskaRC <alaskarc at lists.alaskarc.org> wrote:
> Thanks for doing this for our club in the dead of winter when it is difficult to do or think about anything…..You are my hero.
> I look forward to everyone’s ideas on where to find a meeting place. A place for free is pretty difficult but it can be done.  I remember in the past, meetings were held in members houses, the little red schoolhouse downtown on 3rd ave, A meeting hall at AMU (Now APU), and of course restaurants such as Dennys (not viable in my opinion). I will continue to ask around. My wife mentioned Salvation Army and I have toyed with a meeting in a school.  I’m sure we will have more ideas as a group. That is how to do it in my opinion.
> The competition/ event schedule should be easier to do by sticking with the same as last year and making sure we get commitments from CDs. I think the trend is going more towards fun-fly and picnics as apposed to organized competitions. This is true nationally as well as here.  In my lazy way I would stick to our last competition schedule and to absolutely have Ganza. 
> See you on line tonight. Hope I can figure it out.
> Bob
>> On Jan 2, 2024, at 8:18 AM, Don Fuller via AlaskaRC <alaskarc at lists.alaskarc.org> wrote:
>> Happy New Year !!
>> As you all know we normally skip the January meeting every year due to the proximity to the holidays. We have a scheduling meeting sometime in January to plan our year of events.   
>> I would like to propose this scheduling meeting for Tuesday evening 1/9/2024 at 7:00 pm. This will be an online meeting only, I will send out a link for the meeting after I receive some feed back on this proposed time.
>> Along with scheduling we have some other old business we need to discuss such as a new meeting place. For now I will host our meetings online for the foreseeable future.
>> I sincerely hope everyone had a great holiday season and all your build projects are coming together. It the time of year to verify our AMA memberships, FAA, TRUST and club registrations.
>> Don Fuller
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