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Damn, nice to see some good customer service.  DA is one of the best for sure.  Glad to hear you'll have a spare in the closet!  Also, for you modelers on a budget, I have a place for you to visit.  There is a big tent in the burlington coat factory parking lot that has a company named MTZ tools.  They sell a lot of tools there, but none of it is name brand stuff,  for a lot less then you could by at a regular store.  Some of it isnt exactly quality, but to be fair its still some good stuff.  I was in there and they have small clamps for 50 cents, larger ones for less then 3 bucks.  And they have hobbie knife kits there as well, like some of the stuff you would see from exacto, just much cheaper.  If your in need to replace some tools or other stuff give these guys a look.  The money you could save there is pretty high compaired to the same stuff with that "name" on it.

Mike A
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  Most of you have probably heard about (or seen the video) of one of my DA-100 gas engines blowing a cylinder.


  Well, I packed it in a box and took it to the post office; put insurance on it and priority mailed it back to Desert Aircraft (and I included a video of the incident).


  For reference, the motor wasn't brand new.  I have had it on that plane for the last 2 to 3 seasons.


  It took them one day to look at it and make the necessary repairs.  I called them and asked about the status of the motor and to see what I owed for the repairs.  They said, no problem we are going to cover it under warranty.  So I pulled out my credit card and asked "what about the shipping cost to return it to me?".  They said, "no problem, we will cover that too and send it back to you today". 


  Sure it ended up costing me the fuselage of a composite-arf extra, but I don't know of many (if any) other companies that would make the repairs and cover the shipping all for free.


  I am definitely one satisfied customer of Desert Aircraft and will continue to put their motors on my gassers.


  (Hey Steve, looks like my motor cost less to repair than your blown motor in your electric pattern plane after all!)

  ~ Armand

  armand at nmitsolutions.com



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