[AlaskaRC] Sailplane contest and the start of Ganaz 2022

robert stephens rfstephens at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 09:22:05 AKDT 2022

Don’t forget that this coming Saturday, June 11th will be the Sailplane contest at Groeschel field from 10AM til 5PM.  The weather is suppose to be great, sunny and partly cloudy.  Bring a sailplane, a chair, lunch and a stopwatch and join in on the fun.

The Glider contest is the lead in for the 2022 Ganza!  The Extravaganza is a 8 day camp out/ fly in where get some quality time outdoors with friends. The clan is gathering as this is written but there is still space for you.

There will be an RC estate sale all this week. Coming out to see this collection might be worth your while.

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